48-Hour Property Brochures

Professional. Beautiful Design. Rich in Details. These are the cornerstones of each Property Brochure created for our clients. Each piece is handcrafted to highlight the best features of the property through photography, layout, and descriptions. Our design team will work with you to add powerful, eye-catching headlines and descriptions, enhanced photography, and an inspired layout that allows buyers to feel like they are walking through the home. Here are just some of the reasons why our property brochures help you outclass the competition:

  • Professional - Your property brochures will be representative of your professional marketing services and campaigns.
  • Increased Exposure - Our mailed property brochures let the neighbors know about your new listing and the quality of your marketing.
  • Choose Your Impact - With over a dozen sizes to choose from, we will create the right piece for your listing.
  • Go Digital - Choose to add a digital version to host on your website, e-mail to buyers, or post to your social media accounts.


Design Fee: $79.00/hour, 1 hour minimum. Designs typically take 1 hour. Digital Versions are $95.00. All Property Brochures are UV coated unless matte finish is requested.

OUR PROPERTY BROCHURE COMMITMENT: Clients receive a proof of their Property Brochure or Postcard within 48 hours of assets receipt. Once the agent approves the piece, our production team will have the piece mailed or ready for pickup within 24 hours. Express mailing is available; increased shipping rates will apply.

NOTICE ON MAILED PROPERTY BROCHURES: If you are mailing the Property Brochure to your Market Report neighborhood, and it is the same size as the Market Report, the price is the same as the Market Report and the design fee is waived. If you are not mailing to your Market Report neighborhood, and we need to purchase a mailing list, the list is $0.10 per name.

11" x 14" (Folded in Half, 4 Pages)
25-99$1.99 each
100-199$1.69 each
200+$1.59 each
Mailed (300+ Only)$1.89 each
11" x 17" (Folded in Half, 4 Pages)
25-99$1.99 each
100-199$1.69 each
200+$1.59 each
Mailed (300+ Only)$1.89 each
8.5" x 11" (2-Sided, Not Folded)
25-99$1.69 each
100-199$1.49 each
200+$1.39 each
Mailed (300+ Only)$1.59 each
8.5" x 22" (Folded in Half, 4 Pgs)
25-99$2.09 each
100-199$1.79 each
200+$1.69 each
Mailed (300+ Only)$1.99 each
6" x 22" (Folded in Half, 4 Pgs)
25-99$1.69 each
100-199$1.39 each
200+$1.29 each
Mailed (300+ Only)$1.59 each
11" x 17" Gatefold
100-199$2.19 each
200-299$1.99 each
300+$1.89 each
The Gatefold property brochure cannot be mailed
9" x 21" Gatefold
100-199$2.29 each
200-299$2.09 each
300+$1.89 each
Mailed (300+ Only)$2.19 each
11" x 21" Gatefold
100-199$2.49 each
200-299$2.29 each
300+$2.09 each
Mailed (300+ Only)$2.39 each
11" x 25.5" Trifold (NEW!)
100-199$2.69 each
200-299$2.49 each
300+$2.29 each
Mailed (300+ Only)$2.59 each
4.25" x 5.5" (Folded in Half, 4 Pgs)
100-199$0.35 each
200+$0.30 each

PLEASE NOTE: Quantity discounts are applied after they are added to cart.

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